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Homeless Man Covered With Blanket Sleeping On Street In City.jpg

Alameda County Homekey Program

The Alameda County Project Homekey program, located in East Oakland, is a 240 bed Permanent Supportive Housing program for formerly homeless individuals and are home to people who have experienced chronic homelessness and require clinical support to live in Permanent Supportive Housing. Cardea Health provides enhanced on site clinical services that allow medically frail individuals to live successfully in a community based setting through the end of their life, regardless of how their care needs change over time. The Homekey locations are now home to over 60 formerly homeless individuals who would otherwise be at risk of institutionalization due to advanced medical conditions or disability. Cardea Health is working to expand the program so that no one who is unhoused and severely ill should have to choose between living on the street or living in an institution.

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