Cardea's founders achieved significant clinical outcomes at Project Roomkey, Alameda County's emergency shelter program for homeless individuals at high risk for COVID-19, including: 

Improved Access

  • Facilitated benefit enrollment and primary care connection.

  • Designed and implemented a transitional case management program.

  • Created an advanced directive outreach program.

Population Health

  • Implemented COVID surveillance testing program which prevented numerous COVID outbreaks among vulnerable populations.

  • Developed successful vaccination programs, including influenza and COVID-19 vaccination.

Healthcare Utilization

  • Reduced ambulatory-sensitive ER visits 

  • Improved chronic disease management.

  • Established access to primary care, on-site HIV/HEP C testing, and wrap-around services such as Health Homes and PACE.


Developed sustainable funding models for on-site clinical services by leveraging existing Medi-CAL waiver programs and benefits.

Publications and Media 

Listen to Cardea Health CEO Dr. Alexis Chettiar on KQED discussing overdose prevention in Alameda County Project Roomkey locations

The Terner Center for Housing Innovation at UC Berkeley has published a report on the impact of Project Homekey in Alameda County.