Fairmont Campus Tiny Homes Respite 

Cardea Health provides clinical programming at the Fairmont Respite Site, in collaboration with Alameda County and Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency (BOSS). Fairmont Respite provides 15 tiny home units that provide shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness who need a safe and secure environment in order to recover from an acute medical condition. In addition to receiving nursing care, respite guests are also connected with social and housing services.

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Alameda County Project Homekey

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Project Homekey is a 240 bed Permanent Supportive Housing Program for formerly homeless individuals, created in 2020 by the purchase of two hotels serving as temporary emergency shelters under the Project Roomkey program. In partnership with East Bay Innovations (EBI), Cardea Health provides clinical services at Project Homekey that allow residents access to consistent and quality health care and services. 

Project Homekey clinical services are specifically designed to support medically complex individuals who have experienced homelessness. By leveraging Medi-Cal waiver programs, Cardea Health has created an environment in which residents are able to live in the community through the continuum of their care needs, including hospice and end-of-life care. 

Cardea Home Health

Cardea Health is a certified Home Health Agency and provides home health care to unhoused or unstably housed individuals across Alameda County. Cardea Home Health services are Medicaid and Medicare certified, and include occupation and physical therapy, as well as nursing services. Our home health agency strives to provide services that homeless individuals are often excluded from because they are unhoused.

Isolation and Quarantine

Cardea Health has held directorship of the Alameda County Isolation and Quarantine Program since September 2020. The Isolation and Quarantine Program has provided safe shelter for over 10,000 individuals experiencing homelessness who require isolation or quarantine due to COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic. The program offers COVID-19 vaccination as well as access to anti-viral treatment.

Lake Merritt Lodge


Cardea Health provides nursing support and personal care services at Lake Merritt Lodge, an emergency shelter operated by the City of Oakland and Housing Consortium of the East Bay (HCEB). Services are focused on supporting and strengthening resident relationships with primary and specialty care services offered by community clinics and prepare residents to manage their medical needs independently upon the transition to permanent housing.

Alameda County Health Care for the Homeless

Cardea Health provides medical consulting to Alameda Health Care for the Homeless, is a federally funded health center program housed in the Alameda County Health Care Services Agency, which provides direct care services, and coordinates a network of county and community health clinics and organizations to increase access and improve care for people experiencing homelessness. Cardea Health provides support and technical assistance in the areas of Quality Improvement/Assurance, shelter health, and pandemic response.