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Support Cardea Health: our programs support chronically homeless individuals who need intensive medical care. Our ongoing fundraising goals are listed here, with a description of how funds would be used to support our work.

Homeless dog waiting for his homeless master next to his bike with trailer full of objects

Donation level: lowest $25,000

Expand Certified Home Health Aide training program: Specifically targeting formerly incarcerated, this trainee program will support 12 people per year, including the costs of books and certification fees.

Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Donation level: $50,000

End-of-life care for homeless individuals: Between 5-10% of Cardea Health patients face extremely limited longevity (often less than one year) Options for end-of-life care provided through existing Medi-Cal health plans are quite limited. For people with limited longevity, Cardea Health pays privately for items like meals, medical equipment, and supplemental caregiving at an annual cost of roughly $50,000.

Police officers during patrol next to homeless man lying on the bench in the city.jpg

Donation level: $250,000

Primary care gap coverage for medically frail homeless individuals: Formerly homeless people with intensive medical needs are often unconnected or tenuously connected with care upon admission, so

Medical Directors provide gap coverage for primary care needs. In addition, they often provide intensive

care management for residents with significant needs. Medi-Cal waiver funding does not cover provider-level services, which amount to roughly $250,000 per year at the OakDays site.

A homeless encampment under a Downtown Los Angeles freeway..jpg

Donation level: $1,500,000

Expansion of services for medically frail individuals to permanent supportive housing (PSH):

Many PSH residents have intensive medical and personal care needs upon enrollment. Cardea Health seeks to replicate the model of PSH that can provide comprehensive medical and social services to medically frail individuals. Start-up costs for the provision of clinical services for the initial year are

estimated at $1.5m, with out-of-pocket costs decreasing to null upon the transition to Medi-Cal funded services. It would require approximately 4 sites, each serving roughly 40-60 individuals, to house all of the unsheltered people in Alameda County who are medically frail with significantly limited longevity. This would require a total of $6m in start-up funding, after which the programs would be largely self-sustaining.

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