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Compassionate care for vulnerable populations

Cardea Health is a nonprofit healthcare organization founded to connect marginalized populations to the clinical and supportive services they need to improve their health, remain stably housed in their community, and age in place. Cardea Health’s programs fill a critical – and growing – gap in the system of care.

Among people experiencing homelessness, a growing number are living with complex medical needs. Many are older, with the percentage of homeless people aged 50 or older growing from 11% in the early 1990s to roughly 50% today. And, due to the hardships of homelessness and other compounding circumstances, even those under 50 are aging quickly, often struggling with health conditions typical of people 20-30 years older. They face poor quality of life, increased morbidity and mortality, and medical and social destabilization. But they have few housing options: they need a higher level of care than what is offered through permanent supportive housing, but they do not wish to live in an institutional setting and have limited access to hospice or palliative care.

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Cardea Health specifically targets this vulnerable population, providing a range of clinical services within permanent supportive housing sites to both address their medical needs and allow them to live independently in their communities, addressing a critical need within the system of care.

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